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A Solution to the shortage of drivers in the trucking industry is right there.

The three million workforce trucking industry in the United States faces an immediate shortfall of 48,000 drivers, according to the American Trucking Associations, and that number is on track to quadruple by 2025, as baby boomers retire and a recovering economy boosts demand for more trucks to haul goods. Statistics reveal that there are almost 200,000 women across the USA, about 5 percent of the United States trucking industry, that have made truck driving their career.

 The trucking world wouldn’t be the same without these dedicated ladies of the highways. More women are choosing to get behind the wheel every year in a predominantly male industry to take advantage of flexible schedules, job availability, competitive salaries, and of course, the call of the open road. Besides truck driving, women can also be involved in related opportunities, which include dispatch, sales, marketing, recruiting, management, and owning their own fleet. The next time you pass an 18–wheeler, take a look at who is driving that truck next to you.