Produce Transition is Almost Here!

They say the produce transition is following the sun. There is a major crop transition from Yuma, Arizona to the Salinas, California area going on right now and is expected to continue until the early part of April.

The Iceberg lettuce is following the broccoli and cauliflower crops that began a few weeks ago, along with the celery in Oxnard that began last week. Additionally, the Santa Maria mixed leaf shipments began about two weeks earlier than normal, and the Huron lettuce shipments went out of the San Joaquin Valley the last week of March and will continue for about three weeks.

There was some concern over quality, because of the warm weather in Yuma, which had some warm mornings, and the light rain experienced in San Joaquin Valley that lasted a few days before the harvest; however, it now appears the quality is still good because the weather is back to normal. They are expecting a sweet transition with no delays or hiccups in supply going into the Easter pull and over the next few weeks.

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