Solidarity in Motion.

Productive growth has been climbing at a steady rate over the last few months, along with some incredibly talented, productive employees. Fairchild Freight would like to introduce some new members to our team:

Baine, a Logistics Coordinator that will be assisting our Operations with scheduling, track-and-trace, carrier packets, etc. Baine provides exceptional work, even on weekends.
Justin, Inside Sales, brings years of experience in transportation from the customer side and operations arena. He will be assisting the team in several channels.
Jon, Driver Recruiter, comes to Fairchild Freight with an gleaming background in Driver Recruiting that is being put to good use for us.
Hugh, Coordinator for the Phoenix office, is a Transportation veteran with over 3 years, will be assisting with tracking, scheduling, and carrier packets.
Tisha, Stockton Facility Manager, comes to us with over 18 years of transportation experience and a CDL license. She has a lot of knowledge of the northern CA market, especially in produce an area we excel in.
Josh, Director of Fleet Operations, brings a great track record in transportation / logistics, including some prominent senior leadership positions. His skills will be a great resource for us.
Joe, Outside salesman, although new to transportation, Joe brings years of experience in sales, and will be an integral part of new customer onboarding at here.

We are anticipating exciting things from these accomplished new employees and already feel blessed to have them on our team.

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