Truckers with Smart phones are proving to be more efficient.

About 64 percent of adults in America use smart phones as of 2015, according to a trusted national research center and that is about double what it was in 2011. And, that rate you can bet will increase in the next few years, and there is good reason for this. A smart phone is the next best thing to a desktop computer and a lot cheaper too.

Smart phones let you communicate with dispatchers and customers, not to mention, receive and print bills of laden. Believe or not, there are lot of other things you can use your smart phone for if you install the right app for it, such as finding trucking jobs according to your specific job search criteria and haul experience. Another benefit is planning your route with trip features that include: truck parking, hotels and accommodations, truck washes, truck stops, weigh stations, fuel stations, low clearance areas, and rest stops. You can even look up reviews of these areas and the price of fuel at the stations. It is all there at your fingertips. Other convenient apps include advance road condition warnings and projected weather.

Another essential for truckers with Smart Phones is budgeting, which helps ensure that they bring home more than they spend. There are a variety of apps available for this, which has different styles of debiting and crediting purchases to checking accounts. It is most likely to have more than one of these apps, depending on personal tastes and needs. Another item that is popular is the Fuel Perks program offered by truck stops and fuel stations, which rewards truckers for usage at their facilities. These bonuses can really add up!

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