Our team of professional drivers and dispatchers are well versed in the nuances of transporting highly perishable and time sensitive food commodities.  We do it through some of the roughest terrain North America has to offer; from the growing fields of Arizona and California, to the arctic conditions of northern Yukon and Alaska.  We will ensure your valuable cargo is pulped during pickup, the reefer is programmed to run continuous throughout, and delivered in accordance with your transit schedule.

With multi-temp reefers, team service available, and a well-designed terminal network; we have the ability to customize a solution for the most complex and time sensitive routes.  We encourage you to leverage our terminal network.  It was built to service the produce growing regions of the Southwest and the seafood harvests in the Pacific Northwest.  Each location has the ability to consolidate, transfer, and store your precious cargo.

High value, time-sensitive, fresh seafood? We do that. In fact, we transport more fresh Alaskan halibut, salmon, and cod over the road than any other carrier.  If you have enjoyed fresh Alaskan seafood recently, there is a fair chance that Fairchild Freight was a key part of the supply chain.

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